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About Us

Connect Door was founded in 2018 with the goal and mission of serving others in their residential real estate needs. We are a free service to our clients. We only get compensated once we successfully locate and secure your next home. We are committed to first-class service and representation to our clients in order to ensure the experience is not only successful, but enjoyable.

Customer Service

Our mission is your mission. We understand that the search process can be tough, but as market professionals, we cater to your needs and help you avoid unnecessary hurdles while finding a new home.


We are committed to you. Your needs are at the forefront of our priorities. We listen, we plan, we execute, and we deliver results. Allow us to prove our worth to you.


The search process requires organization and efficiency to ensure a smooth and easy search experience. Utilizing our in-house resources, we reliably improve the user experience and execution.

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Connect Door is a residential leasing company that assists those in search of their new home. Please fill out the form below to connect with one of our leasing agents. We'll be in touch within 24 hours.

The Process



Connect with one of our leasing agents so that we can understand your needs in regards to timing, location(s), desired size, budget, etc.



Allow us to do the heavy-lifting with arranging and organizing a tour.



You let us know which you like best and checks all of the boxes.



We'll arrange getting the lease and forms signed and processed with the landlord.

You're all done, it's that easy!

Interested in Working for Us?

Potential for High Income

Our leasing agents benefit from a healthy income as a product of living and practicing out our core mission and values by executing for our clients. Our agents' compensation can vary, but can be upwards of thousands on a monthly basis.

Personal & Professional Enrichment

The Connect Door management team is committed to investing in each of our leasing agents in a variety of ways outside of the residential leasing arena. Personal and professional development is a complement to the monetary compensation that our leasing agents generate. Ultimately, this provides additional tools and resources outside of the leasing space.

Autonomy & Growth

We invest time, resources, and tools to ensure that our leasing agents are equipped and prepared to handle the responsibilities of a leasing agent, but that starts with our talent identification. This is an entrepreneurial business - we hire, train, and ultimately trust individuals that we feel are equipped to assist their clients in a fun, and successful manner, that could do so with our without us.

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We would love to hear from you! Whether it's interest in a job with us, a recommendation on something that we can do better, something we should add to our services, or simply stopping in to say hi - please give us a shout and we'd love to connect.